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Woman with Braids, Elizabeth Nuturuluk



Arviat, Nunavut Territory, Canada




“Elizabeth’s late husband, Andy Aulatjut was a carver. Her daughter and son-in-law, Mary Ayaq and Luke Anowtalik are also artists.

Excerpt courtesy Inuit Art Section, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), 1997.

Elizabeth Nutaraluk Aulatjut, a Canadian Inuit sculptor, was born near Ennadai Lake, 200 miles inland from the community of Arviat (Eskimo Point), Northwest Territories. She and the surviving members of her own large family were airlifted to Arviat in 1957 after enduring a decade of famine. Her first carvings were bartered for food while she was still living on the land. She still supports much of her family with her art income.”

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