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Meet Jessica Lindsay Phillips.


Consultant, Collector, Creative Director.

Jessica Lindsay Phillips is the owner and head of JL PHILLIPS GALLERY. Following the new generation of gallerists, she is by appointment only to her private gallery located in Summerhill, Toronto, and quarterly holds public Pop Up Sale exhibitions that are highly curated featuring Tribal Art, Natural, History, and Contemporary Art.

Her passion for all forms of art is reflected in her highly curated thematic exhibitions which include to date FEMME: The Power of the Female Form, and FEAST: Our Intimate Connection and Cultural Obsession with Food. She also works as a private consultant for collection display, management, and actively brokers deals both domestically and internationally. Her ongoing research in Myanmar documenting the last tattoo-faced women of the Southern Chin State can be found at Fading Bloodlines.

Jessica also has a collaborative book launching Summer 2020 titled “MAN WHO CANNOT DIE” The Phantom Shields of Papua New Guinea, which is the first publication of this newly emerged classification of art deemed “Pop Tribal”.

Jessica is the former Director of the Billy Jamieson-Niagara Falls Museum Collection, and Jamieson Estate.
In her Director role overseeing the most remarkable assemblage of rare ethnographic antiquities and curiosity case ephemera in Canada, she was responsible for creating an inventory and cataloging system as well as the dissolution of assets of over 5000 items of historical and ethnographic material.

Her broad spectrum of interests and opportunities have helped her gain a great amount of experience in the film & television, arts, history, and business industry. Jessica has built a strong networking presence in the Tribal art world, as well as collaborating with Travel About Magazine, Tribal art London, and Canadian Geographic magazine. She also had a co-starring role on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) series Four Rooms in 2014, as well as History Channel’s series, Treasure Trader in 2011 (Mana Film Productions Ltd.)

Jessica is a self-proclaimed “Paleoenthusiast” and is an active volunteer at the Royal Ontario Museum fossil prep department. She has participated in fieldwork in the badlands of Alberta since 2015.

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