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Opal, Reisha Perlmutter, painting


Oil on Canvas 36” x 42”  2018

Reisha Perlmutter, Brooklyn, NY

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The clay works arose as a natural response to the previous water series. They parallel the desire to express the connection between body and ecosystem without visual boundaries. Clay like water, became a vehicle to abstract the body within its natural environment.

 Clay and mud posses a primordial quality, as if the speed and weight bring the imagery to a pace reminiscent of a slow breath, of a heartbeat, of something that feel and looks like the most simplistic resonance of life.

Clay’s visceral qualities are also important to the series. They reflect in many ways the qualities of oil paint, while also feeling like ever evolving skin and body. Clay becomes the mediator between earth and water, with its grounding and fluid quality. For this reason, I saw the clay series as a fitting bridge between my water series. “

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