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Mossi Doll, Biiga, Burkina Faso, Africa


Mossi biiga fertility doll, Burkina Faso. 2oth century, wood


The Mossi doll features a stylization of the gyonfo, a female hairdo with 3 crests; the center one running from the forehead to the base of ht e neck. Lines that are etched into the head represent braids. The biiga dolls are carved with no legs or arms, with a cylindrical base and body, breasts, and traditional scarification, stylized popular triple crested hair style called the gyonfo. The dolls signify motherhood, and are washed and dressed and carried on the back just like a real child would be.  The biiga is passed on from mother to daughter or from sister to sister. Beautiful rich dark colour with a slight patina showing care and use.

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