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Star’s Cave, Candace Wilson, painting

Amethyst, fluorite, clear and smokey quartz.

Painting by Candace Wilson.

Price upon request or by appointment at 162 Bedford Road, Toronto.

Dimensions: 36″ x 48″


The beauty and endless ice formations in Antarctica are endless.  My imagination exploded and my psychic abilities became ever stronger.  It was in this cave that I met Star in an out of body experience and she became a guide for further voyages into the other realms during my Antarctic stay.

I am guided as to what gems are required to raise the vibration of the painting thus impacting the consciousness of the viewers as well as a constant healing energy. Amethyst, fluorite, smoky quartz and clear quartz were used

Amethyst, a stone of meditation and spirituality helps develop intuitive and psychic abilities while protecting from lower energies.  It brings common sense and flexibility. Fluorite, also a stone of meditation, brings order to chaos and balance. Clear quartz is a stone of light bringing heightened spiritual awareness while stimulating all chakras.  It is a very powerful amplifier of energy which is very programmable.  It has a memory that encourages clarity on all levels.   Smokey quartz, a grounding stone, promotes creativity, stimulates thought by diffusing blockages that hinder perception and learning, and protects from negative energies.

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