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Gulmari Aboriginal Shield


An Artist’s Collection VOL.1
South West Queensland,  Australia
20th century, wood, natural pigments, custom stand
20” x 9 “ 2
ex Spencer Throckmorton Gallery 
Additional photos available upon request
“ Less well known are the smaller, heavier shields of southern and central Queensland, loosely referred to as Gulmari (or Goomeri, Gulmardi) shields — a term that has been associated with the small town of Goomeri in the South Burnett region. This name has become popular with galleries and auction houses when describing this style of shield. Unlike rainforest shields, Gulmari shields are often deeply incised, featuring blocky, relief-carved geometric designs on hardwood. These smaller shields form a special feature in ‘I, Object’, which contains many fine examples of a cross-section of Queensland shields.”
Reference: see Current Exhibition at Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art  “I Object” until August 2021

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