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Zulu Meat Platter


Zulu Tribe, South Africa
Late 19th Century
13” x 28”
Kiiat Wood
Ex London, England Collection. Collected in 1923

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The handles extend out from the sides of the dish. These are geometric in form: rectangular, square or circular. They also project underneath the dish as part of the design. Platters sometimes have additional small carved indentations on the side of the bowl for salt or spice such as this one. The focus on the back of the platter is a unique concept and in a sense denies the primary function of the container, as an active serving vessel, in favour of the platters stationary phase. In this case, the underside of the platter is a woman with coiffed hair.The design is seen when the platters are hanging on the fence waiting to be filled with its succulent meat. Each meat platter design is unique to an area or family. The rich patina on the bottom and handles of the platter are obtained by the constant saturation of fat for roasting meat. The top which holds the meat always has cutting or scraping marks. This tribal meat platter is used to carry, cook and serve meat, especially during rituals and ceremonial feasts. There is still a very smoky smell on the wood.

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