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Parrot Tulip No 1 2011


Dale M.Reid Contemporary Fine Art Photography
5 Silver Gelatin Artist Prints

Camera: Mamiya RZ67 Professional medium format camera with Sekor Z 110mm f/2.8W lens.
Film: Ilford Delta 100 Professional Black & White film. With it being a medium speed fine grain film, it is ideal for creating fine art images.
Paper: Ilford Multigrade FB Warmtone glossy paper. This is a premium quality fibre-based paper. The image is enlarged and printed on 16” (w) x 20” (l) paper.
Framing: Images are professionally framed with a double white mat and black frame with an outside measurement of 28” (w) X 32” (l).


Artist Statement:

For my floral studies, I am always looking for the unusual. The Parrot Tulip met that requirement with their fringed, twisted and ruffled bloom. I created these images over a few days as the tulip bloomed. The tulip was white with slight green lines throughout the bloom. The darkroom printing of these images required extra care to maintain the rich write color of the tulip bloom.



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