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Impressive Ceremonial Spoon


Roste/Rotzi/Nguni Tribe, South Africa
19th Century
6.5”x 22”
Collection Liuba et Ernesto Wolf Avant pre-1964


The Nguni migrated from Egypt to the Great Lakes region of sub-equatorial Central/East Africa. They then followed the eastern part of southern Africa in their southward bound. About 2,000 years ago they entered what is now South Africa.In the precolonial period, indigenous cuisine was characterized by the use of a very wide range of foods including fruits, nuts, bulbs, leaves and other products gathered from wild plants and by the hunting of wild game. The introduction of domestic cattle and grain crops by Bantu speakers who arrived in the southern regions from central Africa since 10,000 BC and the spread of cattle keeping to Khoisan groups enabled products and the availability of fresh meat on demand. The pre-colonial diet consisted primarily of cooked grains, especially sorghum, fermented milk (somewhat like yogurt) and roasted or stewed meat.

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