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Female Spoon Bidjigo Tribe


Bidjigo Tribe, Africa
Early 20th Century
Horstmann, Zug, Switzerland.  Winizki, Zurich, Switzerland, Ex Kruger Collection Hamburg Germany.  Ex Georgia Christchilles Belgium


A personal spoon for a high ranking female. The handle represents strong female anatomy, and would be used more as a personal vessel than serving spoon. Rice is a staple among the coastal peoples. It is also a prestige food, and so the country imports it to feed the urban population. Millet is a staple crop in the interior. Both are supplemented with a variety of locally produced sauces that combine palm oil or peanuts, tomatoes, and onions with fish. ceremonies in which family and community celebrates events such as birth, circumcision, marriage, and death. Most of these events, especially funerals, entail the sacrifice of livestock for consumption.

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