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Dragon Fruit


Dale M.Reid Contemporary Fine Art Photography
5 Silver Gelatin Artist Prints
28” x 32”

Camera: Mamiya RZ67 Professional medium format camera with Sekor Z 110mm f/2.8W lens.
Film: Ilford Delta 100 Professional Black & White film. With it being a medium speed fine grain film, it is ideal for creating fine art images.
Paper: Ilford Multigrade FB Warmtone glossy paper. This is a premium quality fiber-based paper. The image is enlarged and printed on 16” (w) x 20” (l) paper.
Framing: Images are professionally framed with a double white mat and black frame with an outside measurement of 28” (w) X 32” (l).


The Legend: It was dragons, thousands of years ago, that created the fruit, which would come out last after the fire breathed out by the dragon’s mouth. If the dragon was slain, the fruit would then be collected and presented to the Emperor, and this was an indication of victory and a very prized treasure. The dragon would then be eaten by the victorious soldiers, as it was believed that if you ate the flesh of the dragon, and especially the delicious meat of the tail, which is where they thought the fire originated, the soldiers would became empowered with the dragon’s strength and ferocity.

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