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Dan Spoon Ivory Coast


Dan Tribe, Ivory Coast or Liberia
Early 20th Century
Private Collection South Of France, Ex Georgia Christchilles Belgium


“Spoon associated with feasts.” These are badges of prestige acknowledging an individual woman for her incomparable generosity known as Wunkirle. One of the Wunkirle’s responsibilities is preparing the large feast that accompanies masquerade ceremonies. The excellent farming abilities, organizational talents, and culinary skills of the wunkirle are called upon to properly welcome and celebrate the masquerade spirits. When a woman has been selected as the main hostess of such a feast, she parades through town carrying the large ladle as an emblem of her status. she distributes grains and coins to the children of the community while dancing and singing. The event creates a profound visual analogy that honors the hostess, and women in general, as a source of food and life.

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