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The Angel of Lightness, Candace Wilson, painting

Oil on panel with silver, smokey quartz, mixed media.

Painting by Candace Wilson.

Price upon request or by appointment at 162 Bedford Road, Toronto.

Dimensions: 47″ x 72″


I was called to create this piece while grieving for a life long friend of mine, also an artist.  Her energy became clearer and lighter as she made her very conscious journey through her cancer, painting the experience despite losing her painting arm. The entity or angel placed herself into the piece as often happens with my work, creating a very strong healing resonance.

I incorporated silver and smokey quartz. Silver acts as a mirror to the soul, providing patience and perseverance. It attracts as well as holds the qualities emitted by the gemstones with which it is paired.  I also used silver Fibonacci spirals, a sacred geometric shape of ever-increasing energy.

Smokey quartz, a grounding stone, promotes creativity, stimulates thought by diffusing blockages that hinder perception and learning, and protects from negative energies.

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