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Akua’ba Ashanti fertility doll


20th century Akua’ba doll, Ashanti, Ghana, Africa

Wood, beads, Comes with stand.


If an Akan/Ashanti woman had difficulty conceiving,  visit a local shrine with one of her senior family members to purchase a figure such as this. She would place the doll on the shrine for a period of time on the altar and later to be reclaim by the woman along with certain medicinal herbs. The woman would then care for the sculpture as if it was a living baby. It was believed that by doing this the woman would have a better chance to have a healthy baby. Once the woman conceived and had a successful
delivery, she would return the figure to the shrine as a form of  an offering. If the child passed, the akua’ba doll would be kept by the woman in memory of her lost child.

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