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Bamajigi boli

Bamajigi boli. Late 19th to early 20th Century, Africa.

Exhibited and reproduced in the great Boli show at Johann Levy Gallery in 2009.

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“This vessel contains boliw described as ‘children of the Bamajigi’. The small bells hung from the piece are reputed to be made from the melted down cotton gin of a woman sorcery. Around the calabash is a braid of none liana. According to the local oral tradition of moral fables, songs, prayers, and praises, sorcerers and witches who fell victim to the Komo, Kono, Nya and Bamajigi cults were not buried but instead tied by the feet and dragged to a dense thicket using these lasted vines, which were also used to remove irons from upper ovens.” – p.161. BOLI Johann Levy. Art Primitif. Jean-Paul Collyen. Paris,2009

Price upon request

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